Documentation Portfolio: The Preservation Collaborative

Documentation Portfolio

Historic Inventory

Boston Historic Inventory - Boston, Massachusetts

Townsend Harbor Historic Inventory - Townsend, Massachusetts

Medford Historic Inventory - Medford, Massachusetts

Medford Historical Commission - Medford, Massachusetts

General Reports

City of Melrose: Melrose Highlands Preservation Plan - Melrose, Massachusetts

Danvers State Asylumn History Report - Danvers, Massachusetts

Isaac Trafton House: Historic Structure Report - Newfield, Maine

Boston Old City Hall History Report - Boston, Massachusetts

Isaac Royall House: Historic Structures Report - Medford, Massachusetts

Minuteman National Historic Park: Hartwell Tavern Greening Report - Lincoln, Massachusetts

House History Reports


Oliver House - Medford, Massachusetts



Packard House - Brockton, Massachusetts


Tower House - Melrose, Massachusetts

Upton House - Medford, Massachusetts

Mitigation Documentation

William S. Porter House - Medford, Massachusetts

Daniel and Elizabeth Lynah House - Medford, Massachusetts

Baseline Documentation

M.E. Nichols House - Medford, Massachusetts

Franklin School - Medford, Massachusetts

Mount Desert Isle House - Bar Harbor, Maine

Opera House - Medford, Massachusetts

J. H. Smith Farmhouse - Newfield, Maine



Featured Documentation Project

Melrose Highlands Preservation Plan

The Preservation Collaborative worked with the Melrose Historical Commission to guide the documentation and preservation of the historic Melrose Highlands neighborhood. We began by walking through the existing area, defined by Commission members. We then researched its development over time, assessed existing inventory forms, made reccomendations about new inventory forms, short medium and long term goals, and options for preservation through ordinances and bylaws.Click here to learn more.

Generating the Records You Need

Our firm can help ensure a lasting record is produced for your building. From existing condition drawings and documentation to architectural or house history investigations, our reports help owners better understand their building. We are known to work quickly and efficently. The end result is a better understanding of the built enviroment, even if the structure is ultimately razed. Click here to learn more about our documentation services.