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The Preservation Collaborative offers our clients a full range of services all over New England. We welcome you to contact us for more information about each individual project!

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Consultations: Need assistance with project direction? We are happy to assist you in getting your ideas down onto paper. Consultation meetings usually involve a one on one design charette where we work to hammer out a project, path and timeline.

Design Drawings: With years of experience, the Preservation Collaborative can offer clients a full range of design services, beginning from rough sketches right through contract documents. We have a broad and diverse range of engineering consltants that ensure your project can meet your needs, as well as appicable state and local building code. We have worked on projects as small as one room sheds, to as large as multi story commercial rehabilitations and renovations.

Renderings: Using both 2D and 3D software, we are happy to render your project. Our methods allow the benefit of stepping into your design while there is time to make adjustments.

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Preservation Planning: Planning for an upcoming project can be a path down many avenues. Our core of specialists assist clients in projects of all scopes. From regional planning and identification of historic resources, through to individual home and house museum consulting, we lay out a clear roadmap with multiple alternatives. Clients looking for more information should contact us with their specific planning needs!

Baseline Documentation: The foundational research for any historic preservation project, our firm can provide existing condition documentation for historic properties. Work may include site plans, floor plans, elevations, sections, details as well as the inclusion of a photographic record for visual understanding. During this analysis, we can also consider, for clients, building evolutionary analysis, historical significance and physical conditions. Work is completed utilizing the Historic American Building Survey (HABS) standards.

Assessment & Condition Reports: With a keen eye and a hands on attitude, we are able to tackle building condition assessments. No matter if a residential home, commercial store block or a municpal structure, we are ready to complete existing conditions information, document materials and associated problems, note construction techniques and code conflicts, and compile the combined data into a report. Our task after reporting is to help clients find creative, minimal distruction, solutions for problems before they become larger and more extensive.

Feasibility Studies: Consulting with clients to help them determine use of a property has become one of our hands down specialties. We love helping find creative re-uses for buildings when their original use is no longer viable. Using existing condition information gathered by our firm, we will analyze use and alternatives, local impact, code/zoning requirements, and provide clients with a report suitable for decision making. If clients desire, we also have the capability of creating construction estimates as well as projected timelines.

Design Drawings: Preservation renovations and rehabilitations are often daunting tasks for homeowners not knowing where to begin. Let our firm assist you from the ground up. We take sketches created from our consultations, and turn them into contract documents. You can watch as we exhibit the same care and creativity into details, often one of the most important tasks of any preservation work, to ensure the job gets done right! We follow the Secretary of the Interior's Treatment for Historic Property's standards, as well as use time tested styles for beautiful results!

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Local, State & National Register Documentation: Recognition of your property's significance is one of the highest achievements any homeowner can bestow upon their loving heirloom. Our firm has the full range of research capabilities and experience to document your home's history with any one of the six New England state preservation offices (SPO). We complete work under the National Park Service's requirements for documenting buildings, as well as those individual requirements set forth by each state.

Historic Structures Reports (HSR's): The Historic Structures Report provides clients with a guiding document, suitable to gain significant understanding of a property's history, and how to properly proceed while maintaining important features. Our reports are extremely comprehensive, covering a full understanding of a property's history and development, analysis of existing conditions and analysis of finishes, and determination of proper course of action regarding the rehabilitation project. Our work is carried out under the guidance of the National Park Service guidelines for creation of a HSR.

House History Reports: Our firm can carry out individual property history reports. These reports are less extensive than the HSR, but allow home owners a new understanding of past residents, their professions, how it impacted their home, and may serve as a guidance document for how the client makes preservation/renovation decisions in the future.

HABS Level Documentation: Our firm can provide clients with HABS level documentation. The range of information provided generally includes site plans, floor plans, elevations, sections, details, photography and a historical analysis. Work can vary from "simplistic" to extensive and are reviewed on a case by case basis.

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Lectures and Advocation: Specialists can provide lectures and workshops on a number of topics. Our audiences generally include educational institutions, historical societies, house history museums or preservation groups. We are flexible and adaptable. Visit our Education page for a list of ready-to-give lectures or contact us for individualized programs.

Encampments and Individual Living History Events: Bring history to life by being able to see and interact with the past! We provide stand alone programs or in conjunction with lectures, hand tailored to meet what you are trying to accomplish. We can portray American history between the eighteenth through nineteenth centuries for any age group.

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