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Living History Resources

About Our Living History Resources

Each year, The Preservation Collaborative, Inc. participates in a number of living history events across the region. We've made a number of friends who make possible some of our events. These hard working volunteers celebrate New England's rich heritage. By telling history and fun and informative ways, we are able to bring the past to life for all ages and interests.

Over time, we have amassed quite a collection of historical information. Because we reenact for you, we share this so you can bring history home. In the periods we reenact, events were not felt or faught from far away. By actively learning from the past, you can better connect with it. From tasting history to learning more about clothing we wear, we've included a range of interesting items to explore. If we missed something, let us know! We're always looking to add new content.

Recipes to Try

Simple No Knead Bread: A simple and easy to make bread recipe. Takes just over three hours from start to finished product. Tastes like no other bread! Click here to learn more.

Salmagundi : Recipe for a simple dish which we would think of as salad today. Click here to learn more.

Chicken Curry the Indian Way: Zesty recipe for a stew which dates back to early American colonization. Click here to learn more.

Hodge Podge Vegetables: A mix of various greens to go along as a cooked side for the Chicken Curry dish. Click here to learn more.

Queens Cake: A delicious dish to end your meal. Simple and easy to make. Click here to learn more.

Gingersnaps: Alternative to the cake, these ginger snaps are a simple to bake dish. Click here to learn more.

Reenacting Links

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The G. Gedney Godwin

Minute Man National Historical Park

Old Sturbridge Village

Mystic Seaport Museum

Savoring the Past Food Blog (James Townsend and Sons)

Gentlemans Emporium

The Stow Minutemen Company

Patterns of Time

Strawberry Banke Museum

Willowbrook Museum

Colonial Williamsburg