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Local History Projects

About Our Projects

Each year, The Preservation Collaborative, Inc. works with a number of communities to celbrate their rich heritage. By telling history and fun and informative ways, we are able to bring the past to life.

Most of our projects begin by exploring the numerous small museums and historic sites that dot the landscape. By experiencing these location first hand, we are able to get a sense of how a community views their past. What follows is often a long research hiatus to uncover the stories less told. This information forms the basis of our programs.

Using walking tours, lectures and living history events, we then present the information to the public. We aim to form a personal connection with our audience, so they take away something from our talks. Each program is uniquely crafted to meet your situation, ensuring postive results everytime.

Project Archive

Industrial Eden: The Legacy of Haywardville: Haywardville is a vanished nineteenth century mill village located in Stoneham, Massachusetts, on the border of Melrose, Malden and Medford. Among many noteables: here was the birthplace of early industry, home to inventors, milestone firsts (such as rubber manufacture) and behind it all were hadworking men and women. Multiple programs throughout the year pay homage to this now picturesque place in the Middlsex Fells Reservation. Click here to learn more.

Our Eternal Treasure: Salem Street Burying Ground: The Salem Street Burying Ground is the oldest cemetry in Medford, Massachusetts. Recently restored, this program raised awareness of the site throughout 2013: paying homage to the number of our civic ancestors which remain. Presented in collaboration with the History Connection. Click here to learn more.

Townsend Heritage Trail: Throughout 2013, Townsend, Massachusetts celebrated several aspects of their local history with us. From an eighteenth century living history encampment to walking tours of notable industry, we stepped back in time to bring history into the present. Presented in collaboration with the Townsend Historical Society, Townsend and Stow Minutemen. Click here to learn more.

Wonderful Trees: Medford's Living Legacy: Some of the oldest living residents are often overlooked within our communities. Wonderful Trees celebrates the numberous ancients who remain among us. A number of programs presented throughout 2012 celebrated these overlooked individuals. Click here to learn more.

First Patriots: Rebels at Mystic Riverbend Park: The First Patriots program was developed in 2010 to raise awareness of Medford's role in the Revolutionary War during the Siege of Boston. Working with the Stow Minutemen and Charlestown Militia Company, we put on a weekend encampment through 2012. Recently, the program developed into a traveling exploration of history. Click here to learn more.