Wonderful Trees: The Preservation Collaborative

Wonderful Trees: medford's Living Legacy

About Wonderful Trees

Our community's oldest living residents are often the ones most forgotten: the trees. Wonderful Trees is a year long celebration to heighten the awarness of Medford's legendary historians. From their perspectives on history to importance today, the trees saw it all and have a story to tell. Brining all of it to life are historians Dee Morris of the History Connection and Mary Grace DiMartino. Lectures, tours and hands on teachings helped the past connect to the present.

This collaborative program between the History Connection and others reached out to the community at large through social media, physical programs and online resources. It visibally heightened awareness of the numerous legendary trees through our "Tree City."


Social Media: This program reached out using Facebook throughout the 2011 year to raise awarness to how the trees are a community assett.

Connecting to History : Mary Grace DiMartino worked with several childrens groups to bring hands on workshops about trees and their importance.

All Ages Program: Programs were always family oriented, allowing children and parents to actively participate together.

Event SponsorsThis program was sponsored by a generous grant by the Massachusetts Cultural Council through the Medford Arts Council.