The First Patriots: The Preservation Collaborative

The First Patriots: Rebels at Mystic Riverbend Park

About First Patriots

The First Patriots: Rebels at Mystic Riverbend Park was created in 2010 as a living history demonstration in collaboration with the Stow Minutemen and Charlestown Militia Company. This family oriented event brought the American Revolution to life by demonstrating military and civilian lifestyles during the siege of Boston, 1775 through 1776. By interacting with the past at all ages, our patrons were able to better understand the causes of the Revolution and how it impacted the rest of the movement through 1781 and beyond.

The event ran for three years in Medford, Massachusetts as part of the Arts Across Medford (run by CACHE). We have recently moved to various towns across New England. By continuing to celebrate the American Revolution, the patriotism will continue to be spread and understood. The past is very much alive today and it is important to understand it.


Musket Demonstrations: Members of the Stow Minutemen and Charlestown Militia Company gave demontrations on the use of the musket including how to load and fire.

Marching : Throughout the weekend the minutemen drilled around the encampment area using the same military drill as the British soldiers.

Crafts and Games: Numerous hands on crafts were present including candle dipping, pewter, writing and various games/toys.

Kids Drill: Following the regular military drill, members of the Stow Minutemen drilled children who wanted to participate. The event is hands on and interacting with the audience is the easiest way to help all ages understand the Revolution.

Tents: Members spent their nights in eighteenth century tents. These tents often slept six men, whose unit was issued one cooking pot called a 'mess.' This unit is the precursor which lead to the modern day mess hall.

Event SponsorsThis program was sponsored by the following organizations: Medford Arts Council, Medford Historical Society, Royall House and Slave Quarters, Remax Realty and Tufts University. In Partnership with CACHE and the Medford on the Mystic Arts Festival.